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Welcome New Visitors!

Good afternoon to everyone who has recently joined the site. It is a pleasure to have you and we hope you submit to one of our open anthology calls or query us with a light novel. (Though we are currently closed for light novels until we finish our current projects)

We have had a lot of site traffic recently due to Tarl's panels at Fur-eh! 2021 and from a few other sources. As we have so many new people we figured it would be good to say a bit about us.

Armoured Fox Press is a small Canadian press that specializes in anthropomorphic and anime fiction. This means we publish furry works as well as Original English Light Novels.

We print through Amazon currently as they have a fairly large distribution reach. We also sell at local furry and anime conventions.

One thing we would like to stress is that we are a small press. There are a handful of us that work in the company, but we are by no means a large company, nor are we one of the big fish like Tor or Penguin. Please keep that in mind.

We are glad to have you here at the site and if you have any questions feel free to ask. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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