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Reincarnated as a Convention Panelist

Good afternoon everyone! (or morning, or whenever you're reading this)

It's been an interesting few months.

First off, one of our staff caught Covid which halted pretty much everything that was going on for a month. They are fine now for the most part, but it definitely slowed things down for a bit there. It also goes to show that as much as you can take precautions, there is still a chance you will catch the virus, and with immunity only lasting ninety days afterwards, you can catch it again... and again... and again.

Currently we have an artist working on the cover for A Swordmaster's Tale, which will take a bit as she had quite the waiting list for pieces. We are hoping to get the final copy published this year and ready for sale.

Contributor copies of Foxers or Beariefs have yet to go out as Covid is slowing down our ability to ship those out. We are hoping to get those out in the next month or so. We want to extend our thanks for everyone's patience on this matter and we promise the books will get out soon.

The Maid Anthology is still looking for stories, though we are pretty close to being full up. We want to thank everyone who has submitted and if you are waiting to hear back if your story is accepted or not, you should be hearing from one of our staff shortly.

The Monster Girl/Boy anthology is midway through edits, unfortunately this project is horribly delayed and has been for some time. We want to get this one out as soon as possible as the cover art is finished and all that remains is to finish the editing for it.

In regards to us being open for queries for OELN or furry novels, the answer is a bit vague at this point in time. We do have one OELN that is in the works (currently in first edits), but other than that we are open for queries for the most part. Please be aware that it takes awhile to read a work, and trying to rush us through it will most likely result in a rejection.

As for conventions this year, unfortunately at the time of writing this, every con we vent at has been closed. Some have gone virtual, and while this allows us to sell books though Amazon, it doesn't quite provide the same experience for new readers as seeing the books in person. We have been doing a few panels at furry cons across North America and while it generates some interest in the brand, we find it's not as much as we like.

So what does the future hold?

Currently we at Armoued Forx Press are trying to get the projects we are working on out the door. Once those are done, we plan on releasing another anthology or two, along with a few novels. Keep your eyes here and to our Twitter/Facebook to find out more when those call for submissions go out.

And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to email them to us under the contact us email provided on the main page.

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